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Selling Options

We will work to get you the best market price for your cattle.

Selling Options

Off the Farm

1. We will handle all logistics to ship, sort, and weigh your cattle.


2. Call one of our experienced Field Agents or the office.

3.The field agent will drive

 to take photos and videos of your cattle, and write up a full description to be added to the Friday online sale at


4. Create Account then Sign In online at to watch the sale live from your home. 


5. We'll have you on the phone while your cattle are being sold and at this time you can say yes or no to the final bid price.

At the Auction Market

1. We will book a truck for you, load your cattle and handle the rest (sorting, sexing, and ownership) at our Strathmore Auction Market.

2. Call one of our knowledgeable Field Agents.

They will help you pick a sale date based on the current market and upcoming sales.


3. You can watch the sale from your home online, streamed live, at or see you at the market, all are welcome!

At the Auction Markt
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