• Call one of our experienced Field Agents and we'll discuss your best selling option

  • Have us come out to take photos and video of your cattle, we'll then write up a full description listing of your livestock to be added to the Friday TEAM sale 

  • We'll have you on the phone when your cattle are being sold and at this time you can say yes or no to the final bid price

  • Pre-register on-line at to  watch the sale live

  • We handle all logistics to ship, sort and weigh your cattle

  • Call one of our knowledgeable Field Agents

  • We'll pick your sale day by discussing what will be at the market and upcoming special sales

  • Have us book a truck for you

  • Load your cattle on trucks and we'll take care of the rest, sorting, sexing, ownership, at the auction market

  • We'll get you the best market price

  • You, also, have the ability to  watch your cattle sell at home online at