The Calgary Stockyards -Strathmore auction market has been in business since 1902. The market is owned and operated by the Danard family. For three generations the Danard family has been working in the auction market business.


Calgary Stockyards -Strathmore livestock marketing facility is located on the Trans-Canada Highway, between 2 major processing plants and in close proximity to a large number of feedlots, 1 mile west of Strathmore (and 45 kms east of Calgary, AB).


Our facility has 6 cattle liner chutes and 3 stock trailer chutes for unloading and loading your livestock quickly and smoothly.


We have large dirt floor (NOT concrete) overnight livestock pens with straw bedding and access to water. Allowing the cattle to lie down and feel comfortable, this minimizes shrink and stress netting you more dollars in your pocket.

We strive to support and maintain the strongest market prices with consistent buying support due to our close proximity to superb cattle feeding country and our cattle marketing expertise.

Your cattle are handled efficiently to minimize stress and shrink on the animals.

We feature:

-Regular Sales every Thursday year round


-Special Calf sales every Saturday all fall

-Direct Sales to sell your cattle off the farm through the TEAM network

-Direct Selling to packing plants for cows & fat cattle

-Order Buying Division

Calgary Office

 (403) 234-7429 

Strathmore Office

(403) 934-3344

Fax, Calgary Office

 (403) 266-3368 

Fax, Strathmore Office

 (403) 934-4383

Address, Calgary Office

 # 200, 5925 12th St S.E., Calgary AB Canada T2H 2M3

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